Clearing Some of the Land

It used to be that bulldozers and earth moving machines were first on any building site. They are still used today, but they do not necessarily raze an entire project area. Many modern builders have learned it is often less expensive to leave some of the mature trees in an area, and they may not always fill in low areas with dirt or stone graded up higher spaces. This alone is a major change from the past that is due to the influence of environmentalists.

Filling in low areas was often a good way to make use of as much land as possible. The problem with it was that many of those areas were marshy. They absorbed rainwater into the local aquifer, and filling them in could lower the local water table. It often turned out they were also areas where wildlife habitats would be destroyed. Environmentally friendly companies now preserve these areas for those reasons.

The choice to leave trees has become more popular over the last few decades. Mature trees still standing after construction may provide habitats for wildlife, but they can also shade some areas. This may mean less water is needed for lawns, and it can help regulate the strength of the wind against a building. That can save energy costs over time.

It is often impossible to save an entire environment in an area when building, but many modern companies do add in environmentally friendly areas for wildlife. They tend to preserve whatever they can, and it often raises the value of the building they have created. Modern building projects that preserve natural habitats and environmental features tend to be welcome in more areas today.