Creating Curb Appeal

A new commercial building or residence may look out of place when construction is finished. There may be no mature trees to make it look like it fits into an area. The lawn could be a beautiful green with a feeling of expensive carpet, but that may not make up for other lacks. Even bushes still small enough to not form a good hedge could look sad to potential tenants or buyers. Creating curb appeal by retaining natural elements and using local plants could be a good way to make any new building look better.

Many companies and couples today are looking for a finished product when they are seeking a home for their lifestyle or their business. They may see a new building as one that will take years to look and feel comfortable. New landscaping may have seemed like a great idea in the past, but that outlook is changing as more people get used to newer construction methods. Their idea of good curb appeal often includes mature plantings that fit into an area.

Maintenance costs may have been ignored in the past, but today’s tight budgets often include looking at them seriously. Anyone purchasing a building may prefer local plantings that will consume less water and fertilizer because they are already adapted to the area. This alone could be a major plus when considering buying or leasing, so it should be included as a positive selling point.

There are many changes happening in the world today, and the building industry is one area willing to incorporate many of them. While a few companies may still raze an entire plot, more and more are now selectively clearing land to leave mature trees and bushes to help satisfy the need for good curb appeal.