No More Exotic Plantings

When it comes to finishing a construction site, landscaping is generally the final step before a building is open for sale or use. Many companies today work hard to provide curb appeal. They have experts design the landscapes of both commercial and residential buildings to attract tenants or buyers. Many of them today have declared they use no more exotic plantings. This allows them the opportunity to tout the savings to the local environment and the ease of maintenance in the future.

Plants from a particular area are already adapted to the climatic conditions that exist. Instead of adding water to a lawn that looks great because it was developed in another area, planting local grasses can have the same effect. The exotic grass from far away may need rain every few days, and this can become expensive. Local grasses may still be lush and green even if it only rains once per week.

Local plants may also be easier to maintain when it comes to fending off intrusion. Weeds in an area may grow into garden beds or lawns where imports have been used. Those plants will have little or no defence against local weeds, and the weeds may be better adapted to take advantage of the conditions. Using local plants already adapted to the same conditions may provide more protection against intrusion.

Less watering and fewer hours spent weeding may be a measure that saves plenty of money over time. Maintenance costs vary, yet there are few people willing to pay more if they can save. Using local plants already available may also help keep the landscaping budget on track because they do not need to be shipped or imported.